Enjoy staying connected to your house from anywhere!

It seems like every day, there’s something new! Responsibilities are at an all-time high, and we could all use more peace of mind. Here are four ways Total Home Technologies can help deliver the peace of mind you are looking for, whether home or away!

1. Security Cameras Keep an Eye on Everything 

Security cameras are one of the most popular features of smart home automation. They can keep an eye on what’s happening inside and outside the home. Not only can you watch the cameras live whenever you want, but you can also set alerts to send to your phone. These alerts can tell you when your doors open, your windows, etc! Security cameras also allow you to keep an eye on your pets while you are away or know that your children made it home safely after school. When it comes to peace of mind, security cameras are a great place to start. 

2. Automate Your Shades to Open and Close When You’re Gone 

Unfortunately, thieves are smart. They will often stake out a home before attempting to break in. They learn your schedule and break in while you’re away or on vacation. One great way to prevent this is to use window shade automation to open and close your shades at random intervals while you’re gone. This gives the impression that you’re home and dissuades would-be thieves from breaking in. 

3. Grant Temporary Access for Delivery People

Nothing is more frustrating than waiting for your amazon package to arrive only to have it stolen by porch pirates. Home automation allows you to set a temporary code for the delivery driver, so your valuables aren’t sitting on the front porch all day. Forgot to set a code? Unlock the door for them from your phone when you see them coming. 

4. Smart Locks Track the Coming and Goings of Kids

Listen – we know your kids would never try to sneak out at night, so this one’s not for you. This item is for those other families and other kids…

You can give everyone a unique entry code (instead of a key) with keypad entries. This allows you to ensure you know who’s in the house safe and when they got home. You also don’t have to worry about your kids losing a key somewhere. Finally, window sensors make sure your kid’s other kids can’t sneak out late. 

With so much going on right now, your home should be the last thing keeping you worried. Trust Total Home Technologies to bring you the best home automation for both you and your peace of mind! Contact us today to learn more. Our expert team is here for you! We have home automation options for the whole house.