During the pandemic, plenty of things changed – the least of which is how we work out. We saw a huge trend towards at-home workouts and home gyms. In fact, health and fitness equipment revenue doubled between March and October of 2020. And this trend will no doubt continue in the future, as home gym technology continues to evolve. Now that you have your home gym set up, it’s time to improve your workout room by integrating home automation technology.


1. Use Voice Commands to Turn on the Air Conditioner

Have you ever been running on your treadmill sweating up a storm? You need the air conditioner to be running full blast, but you’re in the middle of a long run. With voice controls connected to your smart home automation, you can lower the temperature without missing a step. If you work out at the same time every day, you can also create a routine so that the temperature is automatically adjusted for you at the same time every day!


2. Whole-Home Audio Let’s You Work Out to the Beat

Nothing makes the workout fly by faster than an amazing playlist. With whole-home audio, you can play your workout music without having to worry about keeping track of your phone or having your earbuds fall out. Even better – you can send the workout music straight to your exercise room while the rest of the house plays their own tunes. Audio zones allow multiple streams of music to play in different rooms.


3. Managed Wi-Fi Keeps Your Smart Exercise Machines Stay Connected

Some of the best advancements in workout equipment comes in the form of connected devices like Tonal or Peloton. They allow you to join exercise classes from home, virtually travel through beautiful sceneries and follow workout plans. The biggest issue with these devices is that they require a strong and steady internet connection. When you have remote-managed Wi-Fi, you can stream your classes and programs and keep the rest of your family connected. Gone are the days of having to choose between streaming your favorite TV show, and streaming a workout video. With the right Wi-Fi setup, you can have both!


4. Voice Controlled Security Let’s You Manage Comings and Goings Without Pausing Your Work Out

Whether it’s the amazon driver bringing you your latest impulse purchase or your yard maintenance team coming to mow the lawn, you need to be able to grant people access to your property. Fortunately, with smart home security, you can grant access with your voice without stepping away from your workout. Unlock your doors or see who rang the doorbell, all without missing a beat.

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