The year may be coming to a close, but the smart home industry is still going strong. In fact, it is projected that by 2021, 28% of homes will be considered “smart”. As the market for smart home products grows and the technology improves, we also anticipate it to evolve. As experts in home automation and Smart Home technology it’s our job to know what is coming, such as:

  • Integrated Whole Home Systems – demand will increase for smart home systems that can truly do it all, from security to entertainment to energy savings.
  • Smart Building Materials – Soon, your home will tell you when something is wrong with your house, allowing you to take action quickly before a small problem becomes a big expensive problem.
  • Improved Home Security – Not only will security cameras and sensors for the home become more affordable, but improved security from cyber attacks on the systems that keep us safe will be key as the industry grows.
  • Smart Furniture – Tech like Smart Refrigerators will allow you to look inside via your phone to see what you may have forgotten to put on your list.
  • Augmented Reality – AR technology could change everything, from how we work remotely, to how we watch TV, to how we communicate with others.

Learn more each of these 5 Smart Home Trends We Expect for 2020:

Integrated Whole Home Systems

It’s no secret that there are a lot of options our there for someone looking to install a home automation system. As the industry continues to grow, one thing is clear – completely integrated control systems are the way of the future.

Smart home technology is always changing. As the technology
progresses, users are turning to platforms that can manage it all. Instead of a
new system for each automation, trust a system like Control4 to manage your
entire home, from home theaters, to music, to outdoor patio shades and
even appliances.

Smart Building Materials

Imagine getting notified when there was a change in the
structural integrity of your home’s foundation or learning about a termite
infestation before it spreads to your entire house. Building materials are
becoming more sophisticated and soon smart building materials will be an
important part of new home builds. This will allow homeowners to know about
problems as soon as they happen (instead of when it’s too late to do anything).

Improved Home Security

Smart home security will evolve in two separate ways. The
technology will continue to progress to provide enhanced security for
homeowners from physical threats. Smart home users will rest confident that
their family is safe on their property.

There will also be trends to improve the virtual security of
smart home users. The industry will continue to vigilantly protect the networks
that run smart homes to keep them safe from hackers and people with ill intent.

Smart Furniture

Can you list off everything you have in your fridge? Do you
know if you’re missing some key ingredients for the meal you’re planning
tomorrow? Your smart kitchen could know all of this! But smart furniture
doesn’t just stop in the kitchen – smart beds are hitting the market that can
track and improve your sleep.

As the industry progresses, we expect your home will be
connected from canned goods to comforters.

Augmented Reality

It’s no secret that AR is making a huge mark on the tech industry. Some projections have the Augmented Reality market reaching $149 billion by 2025. As AR continues to boom, we expect to see it take huge strides in the smart home market.

Augmented reality could change the way we enjoy television,
watching cooking tutorials or talk to family members that live far away.

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