It’s no secret that Coronavirus has affected almost every aspect of our daily routines. Fortunately, technology has allowed us to make our lives a little easier. We’re thankful we have these home automation options to help us get through this trying time.

Front-Door Security to See When Your Food Has Been Delivered

With the security options that smart home automation brings; you can see exactly who is entering your property and when. Since we’re all supposed to be sheltered-in-place it means the only people who should be coming on to your property is your favorite take-out delivered to your front door. You’ll see them arrive and you can let them know to leave the food on the porch. You’ll have your food in hand – without actually touching someone else’s hands.

Home Theater Systems for Binge Watching Tiger King

If you’ve been living under a rock these past few days (which might actually be the case for some people who have self-quarantined), Tiger King is Netflix’s latest docuseries and it is setting social media ablaze. What better way to enjoy and explore the wild world of tiger ownership and local zoos than in a home theater set up with surround sound, layered in lighting and one simplified remote.

Voice Control to Lock the Office Door so there Aren’t any Kids Running in During Your Conference Call

Picture this – you’re on a video call with your boss’ boss to review this month’s numbers. You hear tiny footsteps running down the hallways and you know that means one thing – Timmy is about to burst into your office and interrupt your meeting.  Or, you could use voice control (or your phone) to lock the door and stay engaged in the meeting without interruptions.

A/V Controls to Pause or Mute the TV When Your Child’s Bedroom Door is Open

You’ve been home all day long and listened to as much Barney the Dinosaur as one sane human can expect to hear in any given day. You’re ready to watch that latest horror film but you know your kid hasn’t been sleeping through the night recently and he might sneak out of his bedroom and see something he shouldn’t have. Lucky for you – smart home automation allows you to set up a signal that will pause or mute the TV when Timmy’s bedroom is opened so you no longer have to worry about giving him nightmares.

Automated Lighting to Help You Establish a Daily Routine

Shelter-in-place has changed everyone’s schedule. Some days run on for what seems like more than 24 hours, while some seem to last for only a few minutes. The way to retain some semblance of normalcy is through a daily schedule, but that can be hard without a little structure. Program your lights to help you stick to that structure. The blinds can open at 7:00 every day and shut at bedtime. Setting up simple things like that will signal a schedule and help keep you and your family on track.