Smart lighting is one of the most versatile parts of smart home automation. Perhaps you are thinking about adding smart lighting to your home but are unsure of all its capabilities. Well, look no further; here are 9 great things you can do with smart lighting!

Use Motion Sensing Lights – Especially at Night

Have you ever gotten out of bed at night to use the restroom and tried to hold onto as much sleep as possible? Minimize the amount of work you have to do by creating a set of rules that turns on motion-detected night lights. This is also great if you generally wake up before sunrise, as the lights can help you navigate a dark room. You can also use this feature for safety by turning on lights outside whenever motion is detected.

Time them With Your Alarms

If you’re part of the 57% of American’s who hit the snooze button, we have a solution for you! Sync your smart lights along with your alarms as an added stimulus to help you wake up in the morning. You can even ditch the alarm and use the lights to wake you up. You can set them to gradually get brighter, to wake you from your slumber slowly.

Sync Your Lights to Match Circadian Rhythms

This is especially important for people who do not have many windows in their rooms during the day. Our circadian rhythm helps us regulate when we sleep and are largely based on light. Get a better night’s sleep by syncing your lights.
Turn on an Outside Light When the Front Door Locks
Have you ever locked the front door and then immediately forgot whether you locked the front door or not? Set up an automation that turns a light on or off when the door is locked. Give yourself peace of mind with smart lighting. As a bonus, this will help you find your keys when trying to unlock the door when you get home!

Set a Silent (But Effective) Timer

Did you know you can use smart lights to set a timer to flicker or change color when the time is up? Now you never have to worry about missing an alarm – or worse – an alarm waking up the sleeping baby.

Make the Lights Match the Weather

Cozy up during a rain shower with warm lighting. Or you can bring a sunny day inside. Enhance the weather outside with various scenes available through smart lighting.

Forget Mood Rings – How About Mood Lights

There are a lot of creative things you can do with lights. Set scenes to match different emotions. Bonus – if you’re sad, turn on a happy light scene to help improve your mood.

Sync with Music or Movies

Bring the 3D movie experience home by setting your lights to sync up with movies. Create a unique home theater atmosphere; the whole family will love. You can also sync your lights to music and dance like no one is watching! This is truly the best way to experience media.

Turn the Lights Red When Certain Alerts Go Off

Add another layer of protection for you and your family by programming your lights to turn red if the smoke alarm or carbon monoxide meter goes off. When it comes to protecting your family, you can never be too safe.

Now that you have a better understanding of what you can all do with smart lighting, it is time to get started. The next step is to find a company to help you not only with the installation, but also the knowledge to help you get the most out of your new smart lights. Give us a call to install smart lighting in your house. Contact us today to get started!