Just because you have a dated or non pre-wired home doesn’t mean you have to be stuck with an outdated home audio system. Wonder why you should allow Total Home Technologies to install your retrofit home audio system? Continue reading to find out.


1. We Won’t Tear up Your Walls

We understand that our customers who own older homes, or a home lacking audio/video pre-wiring, want a brand new home audio system. We also understand that, although they want a state-of-the-art home audio system, they don’t want to have to cut through all of their walls to do so. Well, our customers’ wish is our command. We install brand new home audio systems without cutting a single hole in the walls. How do we do this? We use Sonos wireless speakers, amps and sound bars in order to provide you with your brand new home audio system.


All the Sonos products we install connect to each other via a proprietary mesh network or can operate on your home’s Wi-Fi network. When considering a wireless solution for your audio/video needs, we highly recommend checking the compatibility and effectiveness of your existing Wi-Fi equipment or replacing it with an up to date solution. Many of our clients are able to get approximately 5000 square feet of Wi-Fi coverage for only $400!


2. Short Install Times

With Total Home Technologies, a new wireless home audio system requires a very short installation time. Due to the fact that the wireless solution gives us alternatives to cutting through walls, the installation time is significantly shorter and non-invasive. With the Sonos wireless speakers we provide, most installations take as little as one-two days.


3. We Give You Independent Control of Music Throughout Your Entire Home

With our wireless home audio systems, you can control the music in any audio zone or room independent of each other. In the kitchen and want to turn on music for your kids in the living room? No problem. Want to turn on the same music in every room to entertain your guests? No problem. We provide you with complete control of music selection throughout your entire house from your phone or tablet. We do this through an intuitive FREE application supported by both Total Home Technologies and Sonos.


4. Setup Beyond the Setup

While Sonos is a member of the Internet of Things realm, and is based on easy end user manipulation and/or setup, Total Home Technologies takes extra steps to ensure a seamless and reliable experience. Walking through the setup is easy. However, if your infrastructure is not optimized for the traffic, you will not be taking full advantage of a reliable product due to your infrastructure’s weak backbone. No need to worry though… As a result of over a decade of design and installation experience, we are highly skilled at creating and maintain the networks needed to optimize your products.


If you’re looking for a wireless home audio system that is minimally invasive, doesn’t take long to install and gives you absolute control of music selection for every room in your house, then look no further than Total Home Technologies. Our highly-trained and experienced professionals will provide you with the wireless home audio system of your dreams.


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