School’s out, summer is in full swing, and your backyard is the place to be. With a little automation from Total Home Technologies, you can turn your backyard into the coolest yard on the block. Home Automation does not just have to involve your home, you can automate the outdoors as well! 


Keep reading to learn some more ways you can take your smart home automation outdoors. 

Whole-Home Audio Doesn’t Stop with the Home 

Whether you’re shooting the ball around or taking a dive in the pool, summer is better with sound. Whole-home audio includes spaces outside of the home – a.k.a. your backyard. Install surround sound in your yard for the perfect summer oasis. 


If you want to take it a step further – install an outdoor media room for summer movie nights. A projector and an automated screen mean you and the family can watch and enjoy all your favorites all summer long. Bonus – if you have Managed WiFi, you can feel confident your stream will stay strong, even in the backyard. 

Smart Lighting Keeps the Night Going 

Don’t let the setting sun stop the party – smart lighting means you and your friends can enjoy the backyard well into the night. With smart sensors, timers, and voice controls, you can be in complete control of the lighting around your house. 


Outdoor lighting also helps to boost your home security. When you light up the darker areas of your home, thieves are less likely to target your home because they could be easily spotted. Smart lighting like timers and motion sensors take your home security to a whole new level! 

Home Automation Technology for Your Landscaping and Lawn Care

If you are serious about automating the outdoors, adding automated sprinklers is key! Smart water sprinklers and irrigation systems are a MUST in Texas. Automatic, timed sprinklers take the guesswork out of watering your lawn – especially when you’re away. The good news is you can control it all from an internet-connected device so if it rains while you’re at work, you can turn the sprinklers off for that day so you don’t overwater and waste money! 


If you really want to take your smart gardening to the next level, you can use exciting devices like a robot lawn mower (think Roomba for your lawn) and soil moisture sensors. Get the most beautiful lawn on the block thanks to smart home technology! 


Want to learn more about how you can use smart home automation technology for your outdoor spaces this summer? Contact us today and we will help you plan the perfect outdoor oasis for this summer, adding automation to your outdoor activities, and creating wonderful spaces for you to enjoy this summer!