With the increasing popularity of technology in our homes today, you have probably heard plenty about home automation. But what are the best home automation solutions? Keep reading to find out!


1. Heating and AC


Older thermostats wait for the temperature in your home to rise/fall several degrees above or below the desired temperature before taking action to get the temperature back to normal. However, when you automate your heating and AC system, this is no longer the case. Automated thermostats keep the temperature in your home within a couple degrees of a desired temperature. Gone are the days when you have to constantly manually change the thermostat. An automated thermostat brings a whole new level of convenience and comfort to your home.


2. Lighting


Lighting systems from Total Home Technologies are undoubtedly one of the best home automation solutions you can invest in. Want to keep burglars from knowing you’re not at home? Want to have your lights grow dimmer at night as you get ready to go to sleep? Would it be great for your lights to slowly grow brighter in the morning as you wake up and adjust to the light? With lighting systems from Total Home Technologies, all this, and more, is available.


3. Outlet Control


You would be surprised at how much money you spend powering electronic appliances for hours and hours even though you aren’t using them. How often do you actually use the microwave in the middle of the night? How about the coffee pot? Or what about the television? Outlet control solutions offer you the ability to save money in all these areas. Outlet control allows you to set a specific time for the outlets to shut off power to your electronic appliances. So, you can pick and choose which appliances to shut off power to at night and watch how much money you save on your next bill!


4. Home Security


Your family’s safety is a great reason to invest in home security solutions from Total Home Technologies. Who doesn’t want to ensure their family’s safety? With home security solutions you have the ability to access cameras in your home so that you can see when your kids get home from school or if anyone suspicious is lurking around your home. Not only can you set up security cameras that are accessible from any remote location via a tablet or smartphone, but you can also set up automated locks on your home to ensure the utmost security for your family. Simply put, if you want to make sure your family and your home are as safe as possible, you need to invest in home security solutions from Total Home Technologies.


For more information about these, and many more, home automation solutions, give us a call today!