Commercial outdoor lighting is an invaluable investment that every business and property owner should consider. It can help your increase visibility, improve security and even reduce your commercial insurance rates. This guide will help you learn everything you need about outdoor lighting for your business. 

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What is Commercial Outdoor Lighting? 

Commercial outdoor lighting refers to all of the lighting systems a business uses on the exterior of your building. The value of interior commercial lighting is fairly straightforward, but the importance of outdoor lighting cannot be overlooked. This includes path lighting, security floor lights, outdoor signage, and more. 

Take a look at your property to determine your outdoor lighting needs. Keep in mind how dark it gets around your business during the winter months. If you are open later than when the sun starts to set in the winter, your needs will change. 

Popular Commercial Outdoor Lighting Applications

These are some of the most popular outdoor lighting ideas for businesses: 

Path Lighting – Illuminate the pathway so customers can see a clear path to your front door. 

Flood Lighting – These are great for large areas you need to illuminate consistently, like a large parking lot or the backdoor of your building. 

Perimeter Lighting – There are great lights to improve the security of your building from all angles. 

Step Lighting – These are essential if you have any steps on your property. Stairs are a high tripping hazard, especially at night. 

Motion Sensor Lights – If you don’t want to have lights around your property all night, motion sensor lights are a great option to improve security. 

Benefits of Commercial Outdoor Lighting 

There are many benefits to installing outdoor lighting for your business. 

Protect Your Property – A well-lit property is a difficult property to rob or vandalize. Outdoor commercial lighting will make it difficult for would-be criminals to cause damage to your business. 

Lower Insurance Premiums and Liability – If someone were to get hurt on your property, you could be held liable. Proper outdoor lighting will lower the risk of injuries on your property, reducing your liability. It can also lower your commercial insurance premiums. Speak to your insurance agent about what systems you would need to set up to reduce your monthly insurance payments. 

Improve Curb Appeal and Attract New Customers – Draw customers to your business with appealing exterior lighting. It can highlight the architecture of your building, make your business look more welcoming, and attract the attention of potential customers (especially if they’re driving at night). 

Protect Your Customers and Staff – People want to feel comfortable and safe when they come to your business. Exterior lighting, like floodlights, is a great way to ensure your team members and customers feel comfortable coming in and out of our business after dark. Even if your customers leave before dark, your employees likely stay later due to closing and might have to do so past dark. They will need lights to walk to their cars at night. 

How to Begin Installing Outdoor Lighting for Your Business 

The best first step for installing outdoor lighting is to speak with a lighting professional. They will be able to tell you the optimal setup for your lighting system and point out any weaknesses on your property. They can work within your budget and time frame. Most importantly, however, is that they will be certified to work with the electrical system on your property. 

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