Frequently Asked Questions

Talk to a Pro and Get exactly what you want

Are you local to Austin, TX?

Yes we are locally owned and operated in Austin.

Can you go outside of Austin?

Yes, we’ve done projects in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, all the way out to Louisiana and Mississippi.


Do you provide everything for the theater room including furniture?

Yes, we do the whole thing, including painting, flooring, and furniture, even electrical and remodeling!

What do you need to provide a quote?
  1. Meet for your free onsite visit to see the space.
  2. Sit down to understand your budget.
  3. Discuss your dream & learn your lifestyle to design a system that fits you.
Can you design our system to handle work from home set ups?
  1. All systems include enterprise grade network managed switches & access points to ensure you’re maximizing your network speeds and can handle any lifestyle or work from home needs.

Can you work with my home builder?

Yes, in fact most of our business is new home builds and we have relationships with builders all over Texas.

Talk to a Pro and Get exactly what you want


8900 Shoal Creek Blvd.

Suite #111 Austin, TX 78757


(512) 991-4559

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