Lights… Camera…. Step over the cords, so you don’t trip on them on your way to your seat! No dream home theater system should include cords. But don’t just settle for drilling a ton of holes you’ll have to patch later to hide cords. It’s 2020, time to go completely wireless.

Here’s why:

Online Streaming has Made Cable Obsolete

Completely cutting the cord means cutting that expensive cable TV subscription. When you choose to leave cable behind – you’ll be in good company! It’s estimated that since 2018, 8.3 million homes in the US have cut the cord, totaling 44.3 million households.

With streaming services like Hulu and YouTube TV, you can watch what you want when you want and still get the option of live TV. With cable, you are at the mercy of the TV Guide. Streaming also allows you to pick and choose your streaming providers – you’re not stuck in long contracts that take hours on hold to cancel.

Cords Don’t Match Your Design Aesthetic

Nothing ruins the look of luxury and relaxation in your home theater like a bunch of cords hanging around. In fact, we doubt any home designer would say they enjoy working cables in and around a room. There are a lot of tricks to hide cords, but why hide them if you can eliminate them altogether!

Cutting the cord also means no more ugly cable boxes. You can clean up your whole system, get rid of old furniture and clutter, and create a more elegant space.

You Don’t Need Cords in Your Media Room 

We use the best technology to help you craft your perfect home theater. That includes a Samsung TV and a Sonos Sound bar that hangs on the wall – without cords sticking out. The Samsung TV has all of the best app-based cable providers. These streaming cable services even have an option for live TV so you can enjoy live news and sports. Simply put – you don’t need cable, and you don’t need cords.


BONUS: You can control your television and sound system with your voice. Do you really think that level of technology should be paired with cords hanging around everywhere? 

If you want to learn more about taking your home theater from disarray to distinguished, contact Total Home Technologies today. We can help you design the home theater of your dreams and at your budget.