How Outdoor Lighting Will Help You Sell Your Home 

Selling your home can be an intimidating process. There are lots of things to consider when putting your house on the market, so it can be hard to know what to prioritize. Whether you are planning on selling your home soon or want to sell your home in the next couple of years, there is one important thing we always recommend – outdoor lighting. 

What Is Outdoor Lighting? 

Outdoor lighting refers to any lights outside the home that illuminate your property and house. It can be used to illuminate things like the pathway, patio, backyard, water features, the front of your house, and more! These fixtures are designed to withstand the elements like rain and snow and can be activated through smart home automation, a timer, or a motion sensor. Each application has its own benefits, so explore all the possibilities before diving in. When you are ready to add value to your home with outdoor lighting, the Total Home Team will be here for you! 

What are the Benefits of Outdoor Lighting When Selling My Home? 

Outdoor lighting is one of the best ways to highlight your home’s curbside appeal – especially if you’re selling your home in the winter months when it starts to get dark at 4 PM. It highlights the architecture of your home and can bring attention to some of your favorite features of the lot. 

Many potential buyers will drive by properties before putting in an offer. Custom outdoor lighting will help you stand out from the competition. Certain lighting can even make smaller areas appear bigger – this will go a long way in encouraging buyers to put in an offer. 

Outdoor lighting also improves the security of your house significantly. A well-lit home is a harder home to invade. This is a huge benefit to potential buyers. In fact, according to, 62% of home buyers considered the quality of the neighborhood when purchasing a home. 

Some outdoor lighting can actually improve the functionality and usability of the home. Porch lighting and backyard lighting are very attractive to many home buyers. They can envision themselves comfortable in your house, hosting parties in the backyard, or enjoying the patio with family late at night. When people can see themselves enjoying a space, they are more likely to put in an offer. 

Will Outdoor Lighting Improve the Value of My Home? 

This question is a little bit more difficult to answer. When it comes to home improvement, there are very few projects that will help you realize a 100% return on your investment. But do not fret – this doesn’t mean outdoor lighting (or other projects, for that matter) are not worth it. 

Speed is often the name of the game when it comes to selling your home. The longer it stays on the market, the more your home begins to depreciate. If you want to sell your home quickly without depreciation, outdoor lighting is your best bet. Homes that are appealing to view and tour sell fastest and outdoor lighting helps you get there. When you improve the “showability” of your house, you are increasing the chances of getting the best offers and might even be able to generate multiple offers that bring you the best selling price possible. 

How Do I Pick My Outdoor Lighting? 

Picking where to light and what those lights look like is an exciting part of the process. There are lots of placement options available, so talk to an outdoor lighting expert, and they will help you make the most of your property. They will help you figure out where you want to light and ensure you have the right fixtures to withstand the elements outdoors. They can also help you interpret any Home Owners Association rules that could affect your project. 

One tip we always recommend is picking fixtures that match your home’s style. The possibilities are endless regarding fixture style, so you can definitely pick something to fit your aesthetic. 

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Ready to learn more about outdoor lighting during the home selling process? Contact us today, and we will help you design the best outdoor lighting system to improve your home value and sell your home quickly!