Outdoor lighting is one of the best home improvement projects you can invest in because it will help increase the value of your home and can even help you sell a house faster. Complete landscaping can increase the value of your home by 5.5%- 12.7% – landscape lighting is an essential part of that project. 

While the benefit of investing in outdoor lighting is clear – the next important question is how much will outdoor lighting cost me? Total Home Technologies is here to help you from start to finish with your lighting project. Learn more about how you can plan your budget for your outdoor lighting project, and when you are ready, give us a call to get started!

Create a List of Outdoor Lighting Inspiration and Ideas

Walk around your property and take a look at everything you want to light. Some popular outdoor lighting ideas include:

  • Front Porch Lighting 
  • Walkway or Path Lighting 
  • Security Lighting

To find more inspiration for your outdoor lighting, read this helpful guide!

Don’t forget you can find lighting ideas in the front and back yard – it depends on what you want from your outdoor lighting. If you’re struggling to find inspiration, drive around your neighborhood at night to get a feel for what you like. 

Figure Out Your Outdoor Lighting Priorities

Once you have created your list of ideas, it’s time to prioritize. Separate your list into “must-haves” and “nice-to-haves.” If you are really budget-conscious for this project, you may have to wait to install some of your “nice-to-haves.”

If you’re having difficulty prioritizing, think about your primary motivation for installing your outdoor lighting system. Some common reasons for installing a lighting system include the following:

  • Improving the security of your property. 
  • Increasing the usability of your outdoor living space after dark. 
  • Raising the value of your home. 

Once you have a good idea of why you’re interested in outdoor lighting, you should be able to prioritize your list. If you’re having difficulty figuring out exactly what you want and where – a lighting professional can help.

Cost-Saving Tips for Your Outdoor Lighting

Investing in LED lights and high-quality fixtures is one of the best ways to save money for your outdoor lighting project. That sounds backward, but in the long run, this will actually end up saving you money!

LED lights and durable, high-quality lighting fixtures were built to last longer and require less investment in upkeep. Even though your investment may be more upfront, you’ll end up saving money for the lifetime of your outdoor lighting system. If you can, we always recommend building your outdoor lighting for longevity. 

Consider Financing The Cost of Outdoor Lighting Installation

If you’re concerned about the initial investment of an outdoor lighting system, explore the possibility of a home improvement loan. This will allow you to make the updates you need today while paying for them over the coming months. Shop around at your local banks to see what interest rates you can qualify for. 

Talk to an Outdoor Lighting Specialist 

Our best tip for budgeting for an outdoor lighting project is to talk to the experts. They will be able to view your property and figure out the best ways to achieve your goals. They might even have ideas you never thought of.

They can give you a quote and work with your budget to get you the best value for your investment. If you’re ready to begin working on your outdoor lighting project, contact the experts at Total Home Technologies. We will guide you through this process from start to finish so you can spend more time enjoying your outdoor living spaces and less worrying about wiring!