The benefits of making your bedroom smarter

Smart devices are the innovative solution you need for streamlining everyday tasks in your home, yet there are often neglected in the bedroom. Offering improvements in personal health and overall well-being, upgrading to a smart bedroom can transform your lifestyle at the simple push of a button.

There are many useful gadgets and advanced systems on the market to bring your bedroom into the 21st century, but it’s best to start with the basics. Consider first how to optimize your room to improve everyday essentials, such as comfort and privacy,(then move on to the fun stuff, such as voice-operated music systems!)

Here are some of the most commonly purchased devices for first-timers to get things started with making your bedroom smarter:

Shape your lighting to your sleeping pattern

Smart Lighting Systems are efficiently designed to learn and work around your body’s sleep and wake cycle, using light tones and well-tuned schedules to encourage a healthy natural pattern. Pulling stats from smartwatches or sleep trackers, this advanced set-up can transform your bedroom into a perfectly timed schedule, offering ambient, low-level lighting to aid a peaceful night’s rest, and an energetic boost of blue light exposure to kick-start your day exactly when your body needs it.

The science behind light exposure

Although your current bedroom lighting may not cause obvious symptoms of sleep disturbance, incorrect light exposure can cause adverse effects to your body’s natural cycle, resulting in a poor mood and daytime fatigue. Since the dawn of time, lighting has played a central role in regulating our body’s internal clock, known medically as ‘the circadian rhythm’. This system acts as a control room to tell you when to produce the hormone melatonin to sleep, and when to get the blood pumping to wake in the morning. For animals, this well-tuned cycle is controlled by exposure to the sun, but for us humans, we have to rely on the lighting of our homes to help our brains determine the difference between night and day. Smart lighting can mimic the natural patterns of your internal clock, providing the correct level and tone and lighting at the most appropriate time of day based on your sleeping patterns.

Climate control for all weathers and occasion

Families spend all year trying to find the ideal temperature for their homes, usually at the cost of their electricity bill. Whether it’s the fresh cooling air of the A/C or a toasty heater on a cold winter night, investing in a suitable climate control system is essential for creating a comfortable, relaxing bedroom. Smart heating systems work on your preferences, continuously reviewing behaviors and changes in your surroundings to adapt to the optimum temperature best suited to you. With remote control offered as standard from any smartphone device, you can control the temperature of your room from anywhere inside and outside of the home. Imagine a device that dips in room temperature just in time for your nightly binge of Netflix or an A/C unit that understands when to turn up the heat for forecasted storms!

Cut out the daylight with Smart Shades

Providing protection and privacy from intense UV rays, shades and blinds are a crucial element to any Texas home. Sun exposure can cause numerous issues for property owners, from health issues to costly damages to furniture and decor. Featuring a motorized system, Smart Blinds block out the outside world at just a touch of a button, wherever on a schedule timing system, or on-demand from a smartphone or device. Never get caught again wandering from the shower into a room of barefaced windows. With a smart device on hand, voice controls offer you the option to kick your blinds into action, manually overriding timing schedules and giving you privacy before you even step out of the shower!

Choose Total Home TX for your Smart Bedroom Installation

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