Interior Shades

Your Austin home isn’t complete without proper window coverings. Not only do they look beautiful, but they also provide privacy, protect furniture from getting sun-bleached, and can even save you money on energy costs since the sunlight isn’t heating up your home.

But the right shades can do some much more. With a motorized shading system, you can set your shades to open and close based on natural circadian rhythms for deeper sleep, more energy, and better overall health. They can also operate via voice control from your Control4 system or current smart home device.

You don’t have to sacrifice form for function either. We work with the major shades and blinds manufacturers for endless design options, and our shades are even made right here in Austin Texas off of Mopac, so you’ll get what you want fast. We bring everything to your home and provide instant bids for you to make the perfect decision, and we can order your shades on the same day.

Total Home Technologies has been serving Austin for over a decade, providing the best in home automation systems that today’s technology has to offer. Indoor motorized shades and blinds are the finishing touches to any home’s system, bringing unsurpassed luxury and comfort to you and your family. Call us at 512-991-4559 or schedule a complimentary consultation today.

Benefits of an Interior Shades

  • Protects furniture from getting sun bleached
  • Save energy by not heating your home
  • Be set on an automatic timer, or voice
  • Ban use your favorite designs on our systems
  • Privacy
  • Instant bid, order shades same day
  • Shades made in Austin Texas

Born in Austin for Austin Homeowners

Total Home Technologies has been serving Austin homeowners for over 12 years, installing automated systems to maximize everything your home has to offer. Motorized shades & blinds are the perfect addition to any home automation system, providing unmatched luxury and comfort for your family. Call us today at (512) 596-4310 or schedule a complimentary consultation today.

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