Lighting systems simplify the old “guess and check” method when searching for a single switch or dimmer in a bank of three to four. A single button on a keypad can control a light fixture, set a room scene or whole house scene such as goodnight or entertain.



    Panel based lighting systems are typically implemented during the building process or major renovations when the home is stripped to studs. All lighting fixtures and desired receptacles are wired back to panels that contain lighting modules opposed to a switch or dimmer located in the room. A single multi-button keypad replaces what would have been multiple dimmers and switches or “wall clutter”.

    Panel based systems are easily integrated with the home automation or control system to allow off site lighting control and scene scheduling such as vacation, welcome or away scenes.


    The advantage of retrofit lighting is the non invasive installation. Our “smart” switches / dimmers simply replace your existing devices and communicate over a private proprietary wireless network.

    The private network ensures reliability and deletes cross talk between other wireless devices in your home.

    Like panel based lighting the retrofit solution can be integrated into your home automation system to allow control whether you’re at home or on vacation.

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