This school year comes with a lot of uncertainties. Whether you are schooling from home or headed back-to-school, the new school year always comes with new difficulties. Fortunately for you, smart home automation and Total Home Technologies can make back-to-school a breeze.

Managed Wi-Fi Solutions Supports Virtual Schooling

Whether your children are virtual schooling or traditional schooling, there is going to be an extra burden on your Wi-Fi right now. Our managed Wi-Fi solutions can help you get professional, enterprise-grade Wi-Fi for the whole family. Make sure you can stay connected while you are working from home and keep the kids online for school as well.

Automated Blinds Can Get the Kids Up on Time (Or At Least Lend a Helping Hand)

Have you ever tried to wake up a teenager for school? Well with home automation, you don’t have to do it all by yourself. Program automated blinds in their room to raise when they need to get up and get ready for school.

Whole House / Zoned Audio Sends Another Alert to Wake Up the Children

If that’s not enough to get your kids up and out of bed, whole house audio may be the answer. Send music or pre-programmed audio through the entire house or to a specific zone in the house. Either way, your children will have many incentives to get out of bed.

Make Sure Your Children Are Focused and On-Task

Whether your kids are working on homework or attending virtual school, it’s important you provide them an environment where they can concentrate. You can’t hover over your kids and make sure they are paying attention to every lesson or worksheet. However, you can check in with in-home cameras to ensure they are still staying on-task.

Start Heating Up the Oven from the Carpool Line

With smart home automation, everything is at your fingertips – even when you’re away. You can control your whole house from the palm of your hand with the Control4 app. That means if you need to get the over pre-heating while you’re out running errands or picking the kids up from school, you can set that up simply and easily.

Are you ready to make your home ready for the school year? Contact us today and get started.