Managed Wi-Fi

In addition to home automation services, Total Home Technologies offers managed Wi-Fi services to all of our customers.

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Ease the Frustrations of the Wi-FI Game

Home automation is heavily dependent on the Wi-Fi that supports it, and this area can be complex for homeowners that are not used to determining things like internet speed and bandwidth. Traditional Wi-Fi from a local Austin, TX internet carrier is most likely not going to cut it.

After investing in a home automation system, the last thing you want is a system that lags or spends the majority of the day requiring a soft reset. As a knowledgeable managed Wi-Fi provider, we take the frustration out of managing Wi-Fi to ensure your system performs exactly as it should at all times of the day.

Wire-Free Installations

One of the perks of using Wi-FI to tie together your home automation system is that you don’t need to worry about any wires or cables peeking through your walls, ruining the sleek and minimalist appearance of your home. Total Home Technologies handles everything for your installation, making our managed Wi-Fi services the simplest you will ever purchase.

We work with a wide range of residential and commercial customers and are able to offer appropriate Wi-Fi services to ensure that your entire home or business automation system is able to communicate with all devices and the end-user seamlessly.

Managed Wi-Fi Services for All Austin, TX Clients

As a homeowner, you may wonder if you truly need managed Wi-Fi services: the simple answer is yes. There are millions of home automation options that are simplified and enhanced by reliable, fast internet speeds. Our Wi-Fi services ensure you never have to wait an extra minute for anything to load.

Our Managed Wi-FI is Great for:

● Home Offices
● High Wi-Fi Usage Homes or Businesses
● Business Office space
● Homes with full Home Automation
● Home Schooling
● Dedicated Gamers

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