Managed WiFi Solutions

Remote Managed Wifi Solutions from Total Home Technologies allow you to get professional, enterprise-grade WiFi for your home office and keep you children connected for their education.

Focus on your family and save yourself the complicated setup, long service wait times or even someone coming into your home of normal WiFi installation. No running cables and no holes in your walls either!

Perfect For:
1. Home offices
2. Home Schooling
3. Fully connected homes with high wifi usage from multiple devices and people
What You Get:
1. Professional, enterprise-grade managed WiFi platform
2. Expert Installation over Live Video
3. Everything shipped to your door free
4. No running cables, no holes in your walls.

How it Works:
1. We’ll schedule a video call to walk through your space, identify access points and need for set up.
2. We will ship you everything: all cables, adapters, access points, everything you need down to the screw.
3. We’ll schedule another video call to walk through set up with you. It’s fast and easy, with no running cables or drilling holes in your walls!

$200 set up
$125 offsite deployment
$1100 per access point (each access point rated up to 1500 square feet)

Give Total Home Technologies a call at 512-991-4559 to schedule your consultation and get the WiFi setup you’ve always wanted

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