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Total Home Technologies offers managed wi-fi to our smart home customers. We also have managed wifi solutions to serve homes or businesses that can benefit from an improved network.

Your ideal smart home has audio, video, lighting, and more. Don’t risk poor wi-fi performance. Power your high-performing smart home with managed wi-fi.

Most businesses have complex wi-fi needs. Managed wi-fi allows you to focus on running your business. With our managed wifi service in Austin, TX, you’ll have the support you need to keep your operations smooth and efficient.

Outages occur, security issues happen, systems lag, and your wi-fi can become lost completely. These problems can disrupt your home wi-fi or prevent you from meeting your business objectives. Minimize these issues with a managed wi-fi system.

Take your home automation to the next level with managed wifi service that allow you to improve your internet, support your smart home, and create a network that makes automation easy in Austin, TX.

What is Managed Wi-Fi?

Managed wi-fi is a network-based solution managed by a service provider. The wi-fi network owner outsources network design, equipment, software updates, and maintenance to a third-party managed wifi provider.

Who is managed wi-fi for? We recommend managed wi-fi if you:

● Have home automation
● Have a smart home
● Work from home
● Run a business
● Study at home
● Do high-memory gaming
● Are a property owner
● Manage office buildings
● Manage an apartment building

Use a managed wi-fi provider to improve your internet access and create a full wifi network that supports your home or business. Are you looking for a wi-fi solution in Austin, TX? Total Home Technologies offers managed wifi services that will improve your internet connection and ensure you have the best managed wifi network experience in your area.

Elevate Your Connectivity with Managed Wi-Fi Solutions in Austin, TX

Managed wi-fi is worth the investment.

Here are the benefits of managed wi-fi:

You can improve your home network by:

  • Adding parental controls
  • Powering your home network
  • Managing your wi-fi extenders
  • Monitoring your signal strength
  • Gaining a stronger signal
  • Creating a secure network
  • Managing your smart home

Upgrade your business with quicker, more reliable wi-fi by:

  • Creating better wi-fi for guests and customers
  • Having more control over guests on your network
  • Protecting yourself against potential breaches
  • Avoiding business downtime
  • Accessing network performance
  • Supporting powerful automation
  • Saving on network costs

Total Home Technologies is your local managed wi-fi provider.

    Managed Wi-Fi and Smart Home Automation

    Smart homes require the right resources. They can become more hassle than a time-saver without a professional setup.

    Home automation relies on wi-fi that can support it. Without consistent, high-functioning wi-fi, smart homes risk losing connection. You expect your network to be consistent, handle large data loads, and support devices ranging from computers to smart home devices, but this is not always the case with a regular wi-fi setup. To ensure your smart home operates seamlessly, considering a managed wifi service in Austin, TX could be the solution to maintaining a robust connection.

    Managed wi-fi will effectively power your smart home without you worrying about losing signal or overloading the system. Our in-house team can connect all your devices to wi-fi and set up automation.

    Unlocking Business Potential with Managed Wifi as a Service in Austin, TX

    Managing a wi-fi network for your business can be complicated, costly, and time-consuming.

    Business owners need wi-fi support that may require:

    • Adding more Internet users
    • Accessing public wi-fi networks
    • A robust and consistent connection
    • Guest networks
    • Security controls
    • IT team support
    • Network management from anywhere

    Cybersecurity professionals recommend a managed wi-fi solution for most businesses.

    Create a single access point to manage your wi-fi network. Managed wi-fi will equip you to meet your business objectives and improve your net operating income. Our managed wifi service ensures that businesses in Austin, TX can enjoy seamless connectivity and superior network management.

    Create a single access point to manage your wi-fi network. Managed wi-fi will equip you to meet your business objectives and improve your net operating income. Our managed wifi service ensures that businesses in Austin, TX can enjoy seamless connectivity and superior network management.

    Total Home Technologies Managed Wi-Fi Services

    Managed wi-fi is quite complex to set up. We make it easy.

    We offer:

    • Managed wi-fi installation
    • Managed wi-fi network design
    • Managed wi-fi servicing
    • Smart home integration
    • Automation setup
    • Troubleshooting
    • Ongoing management

    Total Home Technologies installation services include hardware procurement. We offer everything you need for a successful installation, including routers, modems, and extenders.

    Rather than using a different third-party vendor for hardware, managed wi-fi, and installation, choose the right partner that offers comprehensive services. Total Home Technologies can do it all, including providing a top-tier managed wifi service in Austin, TX.

    Seamless Connectivity with Our Wifi Installer in Austin, TX

    Our experienced staff is prepared to set up your wifi system and install your managed wi-fi. If you’re looking for a reliable managed wifi service in Austin, TX, our team is equipped to provide top-notch solutions tailored to your needs.

    We also offer a full range of smart home services:

    • Home theater
    • Lighting
    • Audio
    • Video
    • Home automation
    • Smart lighting
    • Motorized shades and awnings
    • AC/heating control
    • Smart home connection

    Schedule Your Consultation to Get Started with Managed Wi-Fi

    Do you want to manage technical wi-fi details like bandwidth, network security, wi-fi performance, and internet speed? If not, consider how our managed wi-fi systems can make your life easier. Our managed wifi service in Austin, TX, ensures your entire smart home functions seamlessly. Don’t manage your wi-fi alone! Make an informed decision and let Total Home Technologies help you.

    We pride ourselves on offering you a great customer experience.

    Call us at (512) 643-1632 to schedule your consultation.

    Elevate Your Smart Home with Managed Wifi Solutions in Austin, TX

    Managed wi-fi can benefit any home or business looking to outsource management of their wi-fi network. Total Home Technologies usually installs managed wi-fi for homeowners with smart homes or small businesses that require complex wi-fi support. As a leading managed wifi service provider in Austin, TX, we have experience working with managed wifi services, with both residential and commercial clients. Call us today to receive an estimate tailored to your needs.

    Where is Total Home Technologies located?

    Total Home Technologies is located in Austin, Texas. Our team serves customers in Austin and surrounding cities. We’ve worked with a growing number of customers in Austin to improve their homes and businesses with managed wi-fi solutions, including the installation of a managed wifi net work in Austin, TX. Our team offers a full suite of smart home and automation services. We also have a showroom if you want to see how we use technology first-hand. Call us today to schedule your initial consultation.

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