Automated Patio Shades & Blinds

In Austin, an outdoor patio can be enjoyed almost year around and becomes the go to spot for relaxation and hosting. But with the outdoors comes bugs and that oftentimes intense Texas sun. A motorized shading system from Total Home Technologies allows you to enjoy all the luxuries of an outdoor patio without the negatives a Texas summer can bring.
Automated shades are easily integrated with any home automation system. You can control it with your voice via an Alexa or Google Home, or with the touch of a button via a Control4 system installed conveniently throughout the house. Everything can be adapted to your lifestyle and preferences.
Go green as well by adding a solar-powered battery to your shading system. A solar panel can be added to your patio to use the sun to your advantage, powering the battery that moves the blinds. It’s the perfect solution for the environmentally conscious or budget conscious consumer.

Benefits of an Automatic Shading System

  • Fully customized to fit your patio in size, shape and location of features ensuring your system is uniquely yours.
  • Shades can be up to 26 feet in length, plenty for even the tallest patio roofs.
  • Eliminates bugs by being sized custom to your patio’s width, ensuring a snug fit.
  • The special mesh design blocks the sun without blocking your view
  • 100% automated for complete control and luxury.
  • Can be controlled via your smart home system, either by voice or remote control.
  • Powered via solar-charged battery, or via traditional outlet.

Complete Shading Systems Start at $2499 and Include:

  • Bug and sun blocking shade, customized to your patio’s dimensions
  • Wireless remote that controls up to four shades
  • Smart Device & Phone compatible Somfy motor
  • Professional Installation
  • Taxes included

Born in Austin for Austin Homeowners

Total Home Technologies has been serving Austin homeowners for over 12 years, installing automated systems to maximize everything your home has to offer. Motorized shades & blinds are the perfect addition to any home automation system, providing unmatched luxury and comfort for your family. Call us today at (512) 596-4310 or schedule a complimentary consultation today.

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