The common question “How many employees do you have or How large is your company?” arises in many first time conversations with our clients. Our answer is simple, “Exactly enough”. We are a small firm. Just like any machine, the fewer moving parts, the less of a chance for any slack. By delegating particular areas of our industry to our team, THT operates on a fluid level. This keeps our service time and quality of work recognized by our clients as well as our vendors.


Every system is tailored around the clients expectations and vision of the final product. Our documentation is issued to the builder, the client and THT to ensure everyone is on the same page throughout the building process.


Professionalism has many definitions. Our definition is also our promise.

Our team is punctual, knowledgeable, respectful and willing to go the extra mile to ensure we are providing our projects the attention they need.

We ARE defining new standards in custom integration.


Our process differs from the rest of the industry in a way that extends a lot of power to our clients. Our goal from the start is to educate and familiarize our end users about our industry and its capabilities. Once that base line is established we build a System Design with budget and expectations in mind for the client to review. This System Design is where we are different than other firms in our space. Our System Design is a shopping list for our end users that we review in person to discuss the possibilities of the solutions we are proposing. With each product laid out room by room, our end users make the decision whether or not they want keep or delete certain features. Because we begin with the educational component, our home owners are able to build their own solution with our guidance during the System Design review. During this review we utilize our System Design software to watch the budget react to decisions being made in real time. We’ve taken away the unknown of the electronic environment and afford our clients the opportunity to make educated decisions with us as their guide.