Outdoor lighting is one of the best improvements you can make to your home. In fact, it can even help you sell your home! 

However, with so many options, knowing the best applications for you and your home can be hard. We’ve gathered some of our favorite outdoor lighting applications to help you feel inspired. 

Outdoor Lighting Ideas for the Front of Your House 

This is probably what you think of first when you hear someone talking about outdoor lighting. That’s because outdoor lighting for the front of the house is most visible to visitors, and it helps us view a house at night. These are some of our favorite ideas for front-of-home lighting. 

Front Porch Lighting

Front porch lighting is one of the most dynamic outdoor lighting options because it serves both form and function. It keeps the front door safe and secure while highlighting the beautiful entrance to your home. It is also nice if you have patio furniture you want to enjoy after dark. 

Walkway or Path Lighting

We love how this simple lighting idea can highlight the beauty of your front yard. Walkway lighting welcomes you and your guests home with a path of illumination. However, the biggest benefit of path lighting is the safety it offers. Walk into your home confident you know exactly what’s in your pathway and avoid stumbling to the front door. 

Garage Lighting 

Garage lighting is an absolute must! We especially recommend motion-activated lights to go above your garage door. It will light up a large portion of your home’s front facade and help you park your car safely – in the garage or on the driveway. 


Uplighting the front of your home takes your outdoor lighting to the next level. Uplighting is a form of outdoor lighting that shoots lights up onto your home, creating a theatrical effect. If you want to really wow with outdoor lighting, uplighting is a great option. It can highlight most features of your home and is often used to illuminate the front of an entire house. 

Security Lighting 

There are lots of options you can pursue when it comes to security lighting. These can be placed near vulnerable areas of your home or particularly dark corners. They can also be motion or time activated, so you only use them when needed. 

Outdoor Lighting Areas for the Rest of Your Home 

You can apply many options we discussed for the front of the home to your backyard and the rest of your home. An outdoor lighting professional will help you figure out the best way to apply lighting to highlight the best parts of your home. Here are some of our favorite ideas: 

Feature Lighting

Feature lighting is the application of lighting fixtures to particular areas of your home, such as a beautiful tree, a water feature, or a flower bed. Many different types of lighting can be used to highlight each element, including uplight and downlighting. It all depends on the application and look you are trying to achieve. 

Patio Lighting 

Enjoy your backyard all night long with patio lighting. Whether you want string lights, sconces, or post stands, your friends and family are sure to enjoy your backyard with patio lighting. There are many different options for you for patio lights, be sure to talk with one of our lighting specialists for a design consultation. During the consultation, we can review all of our lighting options! 

Area Lighting 

If you have a large backyard, area lighting might be just what you need! Know the kids are safe playing in the backyard with large open spaces lit by area lighting. You can achieve this by spreading lights along your fence, adding a downlight to a tall tree, and many other options. 

Pool Lighting 

If you have a pool or other large water feature, pool lighting is something you certainly want to have. It will allow you to enjoy your pool at any hour of the day and will also provide essential safety precautions if you ever plan to swim in the pool at night.  

Installing Outdoor Lighting 

There are many things to consider when planning your outdoor lighting – that’s why we always recommend consulting an outdoor lighting specialist before you do anything! They will help you determine which outdoor lighting ideas are best for your home and will help get you the best fixtures installed safely. 

Want to learn more? Contact Total Home Technologies, and one of our friendly team members will be happy to help you plan the best outdoor lighting!