Landscape lighting is a project you only refresh every few years, so you want to make sure you have fixtures and designs that will last. When choosing your outdoor lights, you want to pick durable and aesthetically pleasing fixtures that will stay stylish for years. Good news for you – we anticipate these trends will be sticking around!

Continue reading to learn more about what is trending for landscape lighting in Austin, Texas, this year. 

1. Subtle Lighting Designs

Everyone has had that one neighbor who bought the brightest, highest-wattage bulbs and kept them on all night – no one likes that neighbor. Subtle outdoor landscape lighting designs are making an impact in a big way. You can also opt for warmer lights or low-wattage bulbs to ensure you only light up your property (not the whole neighborhood). 

2. Camouflaged Lighting Fixtures

Another aspect of subtle lighting designs includes camouflaged lighting fixtures. These are typically smaller fixtures that can blend into their surroundings while still providing you with ample lighting. This allows you to expand the livable space of your property without staring at ugly flood lights.

3. Smart Security Lighting

Smart home automation continues to grow in popularity, and that includes your outdoor security lighting. You can set up smart security lighting to turn on at certain times – all of which you can control from an app on your phone or a panel in your house. This makes it easy to customize if you plan on coming home late one day or to set up extra security features when you go out of town.

4. Uplighting for Beautiful Home Features 

Do you have a gorgeous old tree, beautiful art piece, or lovely fountain you want to showcase at night? Uplighting might be the perfect option for you! Uplighting is the use of lights low on the ground to highlight taller features on your property. It’s a great way for you to enjoy the beauty of your home’s best features. 

5. Downlight Areas You Want to Enjoy 

Opposite to uplighting is downlighting. This includes putting lights in tall features like trees to light the ground below. This is a great option if you want to enjoy your yard. It’s a great way to have subtle lighting hidden in your features for the expansion of your property.

6. Artistic Outdoor Lighting and Lamps

Your home is one-of-a-kind, and your outdoor landscape lighting should be too! You shouldn’t have to feel limited to a traditional post lamp. There are plenty of artistic outdoor lamps that will elevate your yard to the next level. They also serve a dual purpose – they will look like art during the day and light up your yard at night. 

If you want to learn more about landscape lighting trends, you should reach out to one of the professionals at Total Home Technologies. We will be happy to help you find the best lighting treatment for your space that meets your budget and requirements.