Smart home automation can give parents a break, make your summer cooler and make everyday life more bearable. But did you know that home automation can make things better even when you’re not around? That’s right! Smart home automation makes things better even when you’re on vacation. Summer travels just got way easier with the help of Total Home Technology!


Keep reading to learn more about using automation to make your summer travels a breeze! 

Keep The Lawn Fresh With Automated Sprinklers 

Timed sprinklers are fairly common these days – especially during the hot summers in Texas. However, when you connect your smart home automation to your sprinklers, you can have even more control over how much your lawn gets watered and when. If it rains while traveling, you can turn your sprinklers off for the day. Or, if a heatwave comes while you’re out of town, you can increase the amount you are watering your yard. 

Allow Limited Entry To Specific People

Receiving packages and deliveries can become a pain when going on vacation. The good news is that you can use home automation to provide limited access for delivery drivers and service people. If you know you have a package on the way, you can create a temporary access code for the front door so that they can set your delivery inside and away from prying eyes. It’s a great way to make sure you don’t end up being one of the 36% of Americans who have had a package stolen from the porch. 


This is also helpful if service people need access to your house while you’re gone. If you have a landscaper coming by, they can get a code to access your garage. This will allow you to share access with the people who need it while keeping your home safe. 

Keep an Eye On The House While You’re Away

The best part of smart home automation is the improved security. Vacations are great, but vacations where you don’t worry about your home, are even better. You can set up alerts on your phone for opened doors, perimeter breaches, and more. You can also use smart home automation to track the inside of your home! Smart sensors can track internal things like water pipes and smoke sensors. If something goes wrong in your home while you’re away, you will be aware of it and can request a repair team to fix the problem! 


Want to learn more about keeping your house safe and sound while on vacation? The experts at Total Home Technologies can show you how! Our team will come into your home and consult with you on your smart home needs. Once we understand what you are looking for, we will create a plan specific to your needs. Contact us today to learn more about using smart home automation for stress-free summer travels!