Smart automation is definitely nice to have, but does it actually make sense financially? The answer is YES! Smart Home Automation adds significant value to a home and helps bring about some significant savings. Here are just a few of them.

Improve Your Home’s Resale Value

That’s right – the smart home features you have built into your home will improve its resale value. A Consumer Reports study showed that smart home automation can boost your home’s value by 5%. That means adding $25,000 to the bottom line for a $500,000 house.

It is also a great way to set your home apart if there are a lot of comps in the area. Your home will have the added advantage of being automated which can help reduce the amount of time your house spends on the market. 

Keep Your Home Safe with Break-in Prevention

One of the most common reasons we see people hop on the home automation train is the added sense of security it provides. The costs of a break-in are high – you have to pay to fix the lock, door or window that was compromised. There’s also the price to replace anything that was stolen. It’s impossible to put a price tag on the mental toll a break-in can cause.

On average, a homeowner suffers the loss of $2,000 when they are the victim of a burglary. Think it will never happen to you? A burglary happens on average every 15 seconds.

Installing a home automation system is a great way to keep your family and your belongings safe. Know exactly who is entering your home and when. Set up alerts to local authorities if someone enters your home who isn’t supposed to be there. You can even lock doors and close garage doors when you’re away if you forgot to do it before leaving the home. A smart home automation system can prevent these losses and is a great investment in your family’s safety.

Save Money on Your Energy Bills

With smart home automation, everything is (you guessed it) – automated. That means you can start saving on your electricity bills without having to think about it.

Forgot to turn off an appliance as you were rushing out the door to go to work? That’s no problem! You can turn it off from your phone and save electricity. Program your lights and outlets to turn on or off at certain times to make sure you are not using electricity when you don’t need to. You can even program your thermostat to work as efficiently as possible. All of these will reduce your electricity consumption and save you money.

Prevent Extensive Water Damage

Picture this – you and your family finally took that dream vacation. You come back to find out that your house flooded from an issue with the water lines and now you have to undergo some serious remodeling to make your house livable. If only there was a way to be alerted to the issue before it took over your entire house.

When you connect your smart home to your water lines, you will be notified immediately if there is an issue with a leak. You can even shut off the water line remotely if a leak is detected and you’re away. This preventative measure will save you thousands of dollars in costly repair and leave you with peace of mind.

Getting all of these benefits is not as easy as buying an Alexa. You need to contact a true home automation expert who will help design a system that is custom to your home and goals.