How a Control4 Smart Home System Adds Value

According to a recent study by real estate website Zillow, home values have recently been rising at an 7.7% clip in the United States. While real estate values do not grow in a straight line, home ownership has often been viewed as an investment that builds value over time, with the added benefit of having a place to live tailored to your lifestyle.

Over 50% of homeowners plan to spend money on home improvement projects, which are great ways to customize your space to your lifestyle and aesthetic taste, and also increase a property’s resale value. Beyond bathroom and kitchen makeovers, wall and floor finishes and other popular improvements, smart home technology should also be a top consideration.

Why? A recent Houzz survey found that nearly half of renovating homeowners are adding smart systems to their homes, indicating very high interest in smart technology as an important feature desired in a new dwelling. 

With these current trends, read on to find out how Control4 Smart Home technology can not only enhance your lifestyle in Austin, TX but it can also add to your home’s resale value. 

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Smarter Kitchens

Kitchens are perhaps the area where remodeling investments have the highest return. Whether you’re considering cosmetic updates or rethinking your kitchen’s entire layout, don’t underestimate the importance of lighting. 

Control4 Smart Lighting increases both the aesthetic and functional appeal of your kitchen. LED strip lighting under cabinets illuminates workspaces in beautiful ways and can always be set to the right level for any time of day. Wall keypads can be mounted where you find them most convenient with wireless control, and buttons can be customized to create the right scenes, setting the proper lighting levels for cooking, eating, or projects at the kitchen table. 

Kitchens tend to be home hubs as well. Control4 makes both tabletop and wall-mounted Touch Screens that put you in command of the house and fit naturally in the kitchen where people tend to congregate. In concert with Control4’s video doorbell, the Control4 Door Station, Touch Screens enable you to see and talk to whoever is at the door without interrupting a delicate recipe. And with a simple tap, you can even unlock the door to let them in. If you have a Control4 whole home audio system, the Touch Screen also makes it easy to call up your favorite music on your speakers from a variety of sources. With security cameras monitoring the outdoor areas, you could easily keep an eye on the kids playing outside, or make sure the dog isn’t getting into trouble. 

A kitchen enhanced with Control4 Smart Home technology will not only wow you with everyday convenience, but when the time comes to move, it will be a way to wow potential buyers as well. 

Smarter Climate Control

Smart thermostats are increasingly popular for several reasons. One is the ease of programming or controlling them through a smartphone. Another is the way smart thermostats also use your location, weather, and other data and devices to be smarter about controlling your HVAC system, enhancing comfort and saving energy. And, of course, smart thermostats tend to look more modern and can add cachet to a home’s design.

Investing in a Control4 Smart Home system will not only provide you with all the benefits above, but also let the smart thermostat integrate with other smart features, like lighting, motorized shades, and heat and light sensors. The system can help keep a home cooler in summer by automatically lowering shades to block out sunlight, adjusting temperatures to eco-friendly levels when no one is home, and setting lights to adjust for day and night. Everything plays well together, saving time and money and increasing comfort. Besides just having a modern-looking thermostat on the wall, smart technology is an asset to you – and will be to your house’s next owner too. 

A More Secure Abode

Everyone not only wants to feel secure while in their home, but they also want to know that their home is safe while they’re away. Control4 Smart Home features can do just that, always ensuring that you know precisely what’s going on at any time. You can monitor security cameras inside and outside of your home on the Control4 App in real time. With a Control4 Door Station, you can be alerted when someone is at the front door, see who it is, and communicate directly with them. You can turn lights or sets of lights on and off remotely. With compatible smart locks from companies like Baldwin and Yale, you can make sure your doors are locked or give someone temporary access to your house. 

A Control4 Smart Home goes beyond just alerting you to issues, too. If a carbon monoxide detector goes off, it can shut down your HVAC system to keep the invisible gas from spreading. If a smoke alarm goes off at night, it will unlock the doors and light a path to the exit, as well as flash outside lights on and off for first responders to easily find your house.

All of these smart home features that Control4 enables are more than just a sum of its parts. Not only will it enhance comfort and security, but it is a platform that can be customized to a family’s lifestyle. How many homes can promise that to their future owner? 

To find out more about the value that Control4 smart technology can bring to your home, contact us today!