Nothing can ruin the holidays faster than your plans coming to a halt because your home’s technology isn’t working. Use this checklist to make sure your home is in tip-top shape (so you’re not stuck trying to fix everything on Christmas Eve).

Make Sure Your Security Cameras Are Working
This year, more than ever, holiday presents will be purchased online and delivered to your doorstep. This can only mean one thing – porch pirates! Rather than ordering gifts and hoping you aren’t one of the unlucky ones hit, make sure your home security is set up to keep an eye on your front door.

Double Check that Your Wi-Fi Connection is Strong
Whether you are having guests over for the holidays or just have the whole family home from school all day – you are going to want a strong Wi-Fi connection. If your Wi-Fi connection isn’t strong enough to support everyone, you can bet your holidays won’t be as holly jolly as you had hoped. If you are concerned about your bandwidth, check out our Managed Wi-Fi Solutions. You can get enterprise-level internet at home!

Ensure All Your Devices Still Work
You know that TV in the guest room that never gets used? Make sure it’s still working (or endure the judgment of your mother-in-law who will be sleeping there). Does your DVD player still work for that crazy cousin that still uses DVDs? Keep the peace and make sure everything you don’t regularly use is operational BEFORE the family gets there.

Test Your Whole Home Sound System
Nothing brings the family together like singing your favorite holiday songs as they are pumped through the house. Unless, of course, your whole home audio system is on the fritz. Test the system now before you wake up on Christmas morning and realize you can’t blast Jingle Bells through the whole house.

Make Certain Your Outdoor Lights Still Work
Let’s be honest – the best time to be outdoors in Texas is the Winter. There are fewer bugs and fewer 100-degree days. Now you can finally enjoy your beautiful patio and yard. However, before you take advantage of your backyard – you need to make sure your outdoor lights are working.

Schedule an Onsite Health Check

Don’t have time to do this all yourself? Contact us at Total Home Technologies and schedule an onsite health check. Our team will come visit you at your home and make sure all your essential systems are operating well before the holidays hit. Learn more about this service today!