Your kids are homeschooling, your partner is working from home, you’re trying to run your Zoom meeting and your internet is running slower than you ever thought possible. According to a Gallup Poll, 62% of employed Americans are working from home due to COVID-19. As of 2016, only 37% of people were very satisfied with the speed of their internet. We’re willing to bet, that number has gone down drastically with so many people using the home internet at once.

It’s not the early 2000’s and you shouldn’t have Wi-Fi that feels like it. Lucky for you, we have a solution – Remote Managed Wi-Fi.

What is Managed Wi-Fi?

To put it in simple terms, managed Wi-Fi is a solution that outsources tasks to provide a strong connection to a Wi-Fi network. It has been traditionally used to improve internet access in commercial settings. Right now, we are seeing a strong shift to residential users because everyone is working or learning from home right now which is putting undue stress on residential Wi-Fi capabilities. Managed Wi-Fi is a great way to get improve your internet performance while the whole family is stuck at home.

Who is a Good Candidate for Managed Wi-Fi Solutions?

The short answer? You! We recommend this service to anyone who is currently working from home and sharing an internet connection with quite a few people. Your residential Wi-Fi wasn’t meant for a whole family to be live-streaming school and work all day long.

It’s scary to invite workers into your home with the current health concerns. If you do decide to have an internet provider come into your home, you will likely have to wait for weeks to get on their schedule. Can you manage on slow Wi-Fi for a few weeks? We know we couldn’t.

The great news is – you don’t have to be a technological wizard to get this set up. In fact, set up is as easy as 1…2…3!

STEP 1: We’ll schedule a video call to walk through your space, identify access points and need for set up.

The first thing we will do is identify your current needs. We won’t even have to come to your home to do this! This starts with a simple virtual walk through of your home so we can assess and diagnose what your home needs.

STEP 2: We will ship you everything: all cables, adapters, access points, everything you need down to the screw.

Once we have an idea of what your home needs, we will put together a personalized remote managed Wi-Fi package and ship it directly to you. Your home isn’t one-size fits all and the equipment we ship you won’t be either. Get exactly what you need the first time without ANY trips to a hardware store. That’s right – a home improvement project without leaving the comfort of your home.

STEP 3: We’ll schedule another video call to walk through set up with you. It’s fast and easy, with no running cables or drilling holes in your walls!

After the package arrives, we’ll set up another video call to get your remote managed Wi-Fi solution set up. We’ll go along with you step-by-step, so you can feel confident in your personal set up. The best part is, you don’t have to worry about causing any major damage to your home because you won’t have to run any cables or drill holes in the walls.

The time for struggling through mediocre Wi-Fi is over. Improve your internet (and the peace around your home) with managed Wi-Fi solutions from Total Home Technologies. Contact us today to get started!