These days, we’re busier than we’ve ever been, but there’s no reason to be! Here are some great tips to use home automation and other services to your advantage so you can keep your household running smoothly.

Manage Your House with Smart Home Automation

Smart home automation can help you stay on top of your house by automating certain tasks or managing them from your phone!

Stay on Top of Your Electricity Bills by Managing Your Home’s Heating and Cooling

Air conditioning and heating make up the majority of your home’s electricity bills. In fact – in 2009, 48% of the energy used by United States homes was used on heating and cooling. You can change the temperature right from your phone. Even better – you can automate changes during the day so you aren’t overusing A/C or heat when it’s not needed.

Keep an Eye on Your Home with Security and Automation

You can see when your latest Amazon package has arrived and make sure your kids get home from school safe. Rest easy knowing you are in always aware of who is at your house and when they are there!

Turn Off the Lights (Without Getting Up from Your Chair)

Yes – you are the only one in your house who actually turns off the lights around here! The good news is, you can now turn them off from your phone, so you won’t even have to get up from the couch to conserve energy.


Stay Up to Date With Automated Service Reminders

One very important part of protecting your family and their health is ensuring your HVAC system is running like is should. It’s also very easy to forget when it was that you last changed the air filters! Fortunately, you can use home automation to set up reminders and alerts for home servicing so you never forget to swap out filters and you can get notified when the HVAC coolant gets too low. Stay on top of your house (without having to go on top of your house to check on things).

Catch Problems Before They Arise with Proactive Home Wellness Checks

Think of it like an annual physical for your home. Our friends at HomePoint offer annual home diagnostic tests where they use the latest technology to check your house from top to bottom and catch small issues before they become major problems. It’s much easier to fix small problems in your home before they escalate to larger problems.

Keep the Internet Up & Running with Managed WiFi Solutions

With remote managed WiFi solutions you can have professional-grade internet in your home for you and your family. The service also allows you to have someone on call all the time to service your router remotely if you ever need support.

If you want to learn more about how home automation can help you manage your home, contact us today. One of our design experts will help you set up the ideal automated home to help take the load off your plate.