Customize Your Interface for a Simpler Lifestyle

When you order a sandwich, you’re probably very specific about what goes on it. You take care to select whichever protein, veggies, cheese, and condiments fulfill your taste, lifestyle, and health goals. When your order is wrong, it’s disappointing and can be a mess to fix.

The same can be said about customizing your home, except the stakes are higher. And when it comes to the technology in your home, choosing a system that suits your tastes, lifestyle, and, yes, even your health goals can make all the difference when it comes to your quality of life.

Simplify and enhance your life at home with a platform that is completely designed around your needs and takes personalization and control to the next level. In a Control4 smart home, all your home technology works in harmony to create safe, convenient, and entertaining environments are all-encompassing. The press of a button, or a simple phrase, can set in motion an entire scene orchestrating and automating all the technology in your home.

What exactly can Control4 do for you? Keep reading to find out.

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Interface with Ease

Smart home devices that can be controlled from your phone are cool, but limiting unless the devices can be controlled by other means. A really smart home solution would let you control your whole home from a variety of interfaces to suit any situation. Imagine if all at once you could shut off all media and technology, roll down the window shades, arm the security system, and turn off all the lights with a click of the remote, a tap on a touch screen, smart phone, or keypad, or with a voice command. With a Control4 smart home, it’s possible and having all those options makes an enormous difference when it comes to living ‘smart’.

  • Remote Control: For decades, the hard-button remote control has dominated the way we interact with our electronics. Just think about the way you use your entertainment system. But a Control4 remote goes beyond commanding your audio or video. It can control every smart device in your home, from the TV to the thermostat, the motorized shades and the lighting fixtures all with the press of a pre-programmed button or by navigating the full user interface right from your TV.
  • On-Wall Keypads: In the same way you control your lighting with a mounted dimmer, you can command your smart home with an in-wall keypad. Imagine coming home with groceries in hand, but your phone is in your back pocket. With a Control4 smart home you can activate your smart home by hitting a single button near the door that powers on the lights, adjusts the thermostat, disarms the security system, and starts streaming your favorite playlist throughout the house. Whether it’s a Welcome, Good Night, or Dinner Time scene, your keypad buttons can be customized reflect your routines. With custom engraving, you’ll always know which button corresponds with which settings.
  • Touch Screens: On-wall touch screens in critical places like the kitchen, entry room, or hallway can give you total control over your whole home. Categorized by room, you can see and adjust all the devices in your home so that you can adjust the room you are in or even a room upstairs. Touch screens integrated with a Control4 smart home can even act as video intercoms that allow you to check on any room with a touch screen and can even monitor surveillance systems.
  • The Control4 App: One of the best ways to use your system is through the Control4 app for iOS and Android devices. Why? Because it literally puts control into the palm of your hand. Using the smartphone or tablet, you can control every device in your home and if you have remote access enabled you can even control and monitor your home while you are on the go.

Complete with Voice Control

Of course, if you’ve been following any kind of tech industry news lately, you know there’s a new method of control that’s been taking the world by storm. That’s why Control4 offers full integration with the voice control platform Amazon Alexa.

Using the voice control device of your choice, you can simply tell your system how you want it to operate. For instance, you can say “Alexa, dim the lights by 60 percent,” and your Control4 system will spring into action.

Just like with the other control methods, you can command individual devices or program multiple functions to work together. And you don’t have to worry about pronunciation or accent — Amazon’s platform is so sophisticated it can easily understand what you’re saying.

How will you get the most out of your smart home system? Why not try it out before you make a commitment? Stop by our Control4 Certified Showroom to get hands-on experience with each control method and find the one that works for you!