Redefining Intercom and Giving Homeowners Smarter Controls

When you think of an intercom you probably imagine a clunky eyesore with limited capabilities circa 1985 and, given the technology we have today, it’s not something you’d expect to consider as an upgrade for your home. But with so many new ways to communicate, we need to redefine the “com” in intercom. That’s exactly what Control4 has done with Intercom Anywhere. Not only does Intercom Anywhere let you speak with anyone in any room, but it also lets you see and control what’s going on in your home while functioning as a highly effective video doorbell. Read on to find out all the things it can do for you.

Answer and Unlock Your Front Door Remotely

The Intercom Anywhere app works with the Control4 Door Station to provide homeowners with two-way audio, high-definition video, and motion sensor snapshots when someone is at the front door. When visitors ring, the door station then calls all connected touch screens and mobile phones giving you the ability to not only see and hear the visitor but also control certain smart home functions. These actions, or scenes, appear in the Intercom Anywhere app and are defined by the owner.

These scenes can be quite comprehensive. For example, you might choose to have a “Welcome” scene that turns on entryway lights and unlocks the front door, then locks it again when the door closes. Alternatively, you might design a “Secure Home” scene that locks all outside doors, rolls down window shades, and arms the alarm just in case you do not trust the visitor.

You might even have a “Delivery” scene that unlocks the front door or rolls up the garage door just enough for a package to fit through. The “Delivery” scene could temporarily disarm your home security and then two minutes later rearm the alarm and send you a notification if the door is not closed.

Of course, scenes like these would mean having smart door locks and other smart home and security devices, all of which can be installed and programmed by Total Home Technologies located in Austin.

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A Comprehensive Solution that Lets You Take Action

Because of other smartphone apps, you might think, “We don’t need an intercom system”, but often our mobile devices are on vibrate or charging in another room. Sure, Intercom Anywhere can certainly be used on a smartphone for simple face-to-face communication, but because of its smart home control and its ability to sync with touch screens and front door station, Intercom Anywhere is a much more comprehensive and convenient solution. You can broadcast a message to one room or all rooms announcing that dinner is ready or that it’s time to go to school, but since its more than an intercom, you could have an “Announcement” scene that flashes lights across the house to get everyone’s attention.

Another bonus is that with Control4 Intercom Anywhere you can have complete visibility into your home even if no one answers. Imagine you’re away from home and want to check in on the kids or perhaps with the sitter—what do you do if there’s no answer on their mobile phone? That’s where Intercom Anywhere’s auto-answer feature comes in handy. With the Intercom Anywhere app on your smartphone, you can choose to connect to any touch screen in your home. The auto-answer feature lets you look in, and communicate with, that room so that you are always in the know and always in control.

Modernize your home with an intercom fit for the 21st-century. To find out more about Control4 Smart Home systems for your Austin home, contact us today!