Home Automation Can Help You

Smart home automation refers to the electronic capabilities of your home’s features to help improve your life. It can make your life easier, keep your home secure, and even save you money! No wonder it is one of the biggest trends in home improvement! See how Total Home Technologies can help you with your smart home automation. In this guide, you will learn what smart home automation is, how it can help you, and if this technology is right for your home!

How Does Smart Home Automation Work? 

Home automation systems have 3 core features – sensors, controllers, and actuators. All 3 of these systems connect seamlessly through your home internet, which allows you access from anywhere in your home, as well as when you are away. Home automation allows you to manage certain aspects of your home from your phone anywhere in the world. 


Each of these systems works together to enable home automation. Sensors monitor changes in things like temperature or daylight. Once the sensors have picked up the information, it is relayed to a controller. Controllers are the devices that send and receive the data your sensors pick up. Finally, actuators are motorized items that help adjust the functions of your home, like light switches and motors. 

What are the Features of Smart Home Automation? 

There are dozens of possibilities for smart home automation, but these are some of the most popular: 

  • Remote Access Security Systems – Keep an eye on the inside or outside of your home from any smart-connected device.
  • Automated Security Systems – Keypad locks with remote access mean you can lock and unlock any door or window from your smart-connected devices. 
  • Whole Home Audio You can install audio systems throughout your whole home and listen to different music in each room. 
  • Smart Lighting There are a million things you can do with smart lighting, like set mood lighting while watching TV, turn a security light off and on, and turn all the lights off with one click. 
  • Automated BlindsSchedule your blinds to open and close or use a smart connected device to close while you’re away. 
  • Managed Wi-Fi Solutions Enjoy enterprise-level internet connectivity through remote-managed Wi-Fi. 
  • Programmed A/C and Heating – Schedule your air conditioning to rise or fall while you’re at work or asleep. 
  • And so much more! 

What are the Benefits of Smart Home Automation? 

Smart home automation will improve your life in many ways. Here are just a few benefits of installing smart home automation: 


  • Enjoy Peace of Mind – Smart home automation keeps your home safe and secure whether you are home or away. Security systems and smart sensors help be your eyes and ears when you can’t be.
  • Smart Home Systems Save You Money – Reduce your energy bills with all the amazing features available with smart home systems. Automatically turn off lights, automate your home heating and A/C, and more.
  • Make Back to School Easier – Smart home automation helps you keep a consistent schedule (supported by the sun), so you can have an easier routine for the school year.
  • Improve Your Sleep – Similar to back to school, smart home automation can help improve your sleep schedule. Automation systems can be set up to sync with circadian rhythms for the best sleep of your life.
  • Raise the Value of Your Home – Did you know smart home automation can help improve your home’s resale value by up to 5%? Smart tech is an investment that brings a return. 

How Can I Get Started with Smart Home Automation? 

If you want to install smart home technology in your home, there are two routes you can take – DIY or hiring a professional. There are pros and cons to each, but we would definitely recommend hiring a professional. Here’s why: 

Installing Smart Home Automation Yourself

Installing your smart home automation yourself may seem like a great way to save money, but it can actually end up costing you in the long run. Many people who start home automation through the DIY route start with a few devices and then add more along the way. When this happens, you might end up with incompatible devices that you have to replace or more devices than you need overall. 


There is also always a risk when you are doing home improvement work on your own. You can damage your drywall, and messing with your home’s electricity is always a risk. Electrical work should always be completed by a professional. 


Furthermore, many smart home systems are taxing on your home Wi-Fi network. It’s important to know what added load you will have and if you need to expand your capabilities. Without a strong Wi-Fi connection, your devices will not work properly. Designing your own smart home system can be complicated; however, a smart home professional can help you make the optimum functionality for your house. 


Hiring a Professional to Install Your Smart Home Automation 

We always recommend hiring a professional to install your smart home technology. Our experienced staff knows exactly how to create the perfect system for you! Our managed Wi-Fi services can also ensure your network can handle all your new devices. Finally, we are here for you, even after the installation, for software updates.  


Want to learn more about smart home technology? We offer free consultations on all home automation projects. Message us today, and we will be happy to help you get started bringing your dream home to life.