Between TVs, sound, soundproofing, and audio design, there is a lot to consider when designing a new home theater system. At Total Home Technologies, we have helped hundreds of homeowners install their home theaters and know exactly what to look for when designing and installing them. If this is your first time, you probably have many questions. Before you make your first purchase, consider the following questions. We are also always here to offer any assistance; feel free to give us a call today!

Do You Want a TV or a Projector?

This really depends on what you prioritize for your home theater system. If size is your number one concern, a projector might be your best option. Projectors are much easier to scale in size. They also typically come at a lower price (especially when you consider the size). However, they won’t have the best quality image, and lighting will also be a concern. If you’re looking for something with optimal performance, a TV is going to be your best bet. Fortunately, TV-quality is going up in relation to price and size, so you can get a 77-inch OLED TV for around $3,000.

What are the Acoustics of Your Room?

If you’re going to be installing surround sound in your home theater, you want to make sure there will be minimal sound bleed into the rooms nearby. There are a couple of things you can do to lessen sound leaking into other rooms. This includes opting for drywall instead of wood paneling for the walls, carpet instead of wood floors, and potentially even hanging acoustic panels.

Will natural light come in contact with the room throughout the day?

Nothing can disrupt a TV binge session like the setting sun bringing a glare across your screen. When designing and installing your home theater system, make sure you place your television where it won’t be in contact with natural light. If that’s not possible with your current room, consider adding blackout blinds.

What Kind of Sound System Will You Need?

When it comes to home theater sound systems, we believe that more is always better! The more speakers you have, the closer your home will be to a big cinema experience. The most common sound system has five speakers – a center speaker, left front, right front, left rear, and right rear. You also can (and probably should) add a subwoofer to your sound system. If you really want to take your home theater to the next level, you can add speakers in your ceiling for a true 3D sound experience. The size of the room will also affect how many speakers you need in your home.

If you are going conservative with your speaker count, we still recommend going with a receiver that can manage more speakers. If you use a receiver that can only work with 5 speakers, it will be much more expensive to upgrade your system at a later date.

How Will You Hide the Cords?

Nobody wants to have to deal with dangling cords in their home theater room. That’s why we recommend working with a professional installer to help you manage the setup and design. They will also be able to help you safely hide your cords so they don’t get in your way.

If you are looking for more information on what you need to consider when building a home theater system in your house, we are happy to help! Contact us today for a consultation. Even if you just want to talk about your home theater options, we are here for you.