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About Total Home Technologies

Founded in 2007 Total Home Technologies concentrates on diluting the retail experience commonly referred to as the design process. Our process puts 100% of the power in our end users’ hands to make an informed, conscious decision with us by their side as a consultant more so than a salesman. At the end of the day once you’ve made a decision about your system you are not only investing in the product but the integrity of the firm which will be installing and servicing your system. At Total Home Technologies we understand that service after the initial system deployment is the key to keeping our clients happy and our referral-based business steady. Due to our “Service First” business model and our dedicated service team’s track record we have built a business that has taken us across the map – both nationally and internationally. Our two Texas-based design centers are open and waiting for the opportunity to guide you through the correct steps in making your electronic vision a reality.