Innovative Austin Home Automation Companies Are Transforming Homes

What is Smart Home Automation? 

Smart home automation refers to adding automation to processes that you would previously have to do manually. The smart home automation system integrates all of these processes and integrates them into one convenient system. For example, before automation, you would have to walk over to a light switch to turn the lights on. With automation, you can control the lights from your phone. 

But it’s not just turning lights on and off from afar. Smart home automation includes things like whole home audio, smart lighting, automated shades, temperature control, and more. Some systems allow you to turn ‘dumb’ devices into smart devices that are integrated into your system. 

Should I Hire Home Automation Installers?

Many people will initially get into smart home automation through DIY home automation projects. This is a great option if you are doing limited automation that doesn’t require access to your electrical system. Amazon Alexa devices or smart bulbs are fairly easy to install. However, if you want something more advanced or difficult to install – we recommend hiring professionals. 

Technicians will be able to help you design the most comprehensive system that is personalized for you and your home. They will have the experience to know how to create the perfect system to meet your needs and may even have ideas you would not have thought of yourself. They will also be able to make safe changes to your home’s electrical system if needed. Finally, if your system needs updating or fixing, they will be familiar with your system and will be able to make repairs much easier.

What Services Will Smart Home Automation Companies Provide? 

An Austin home automation company will provide you with a whole range of services. When you first connect with an Austin smart home automation company, you should provide them with an overview of what you would like to accomplish. They will take a look at your property and help you design your system. 


Smart Home Automation Design & Installation

Once you have designed your system, your home automation company in Austin will provide you with a quote. After you are happy with the quote and the extent of the project, your trusted team of experts will source all of the components necessary to complete your project. They will install everything for you and provide a demonstration on how to use your system. Depending on what features you pick, they can also help you schedule automations so you won’t have to worry about that at all. 

Managed Wi-Fi to Support Your Smart Home System

Depending on the size of your automation system, you may also want to explore Managed Wi-Fi. Managed Wi-Fi will provide you with enterprise-level internet to ensure your system always stays online. Some of the home automation companies in Austin with knowledgeable technicians, including Total Home Technologies, will help you install and maintain managed Wi-Fi in your home. 

Ongoing Support and Repair for Your Smart Home System

Smart home automation systems often come out with upgrades or updates to your software. Your trusted smart home expert should be available to ensure these updates are installed seamlessly. They will also be able to support you if something goes wrong with your system. Since they installed it, they will know the intricacies of your system and will be able to fix it easily and quickly. 

How Do I Pick an Austin Smart Home Automation Company? 

When it comes to picking a company for your smart homes, there are a few things you need to consider.

You will want to choose a company that is trusted and experienced. Total Home Technologies has been in business serving Austin, Texas since 2007. We have a 5-star rating on Google review, primarily because of our “service-first” mentality. We work hard to ensure that our customers are happy with our services, which has allowed us to thrive in a referral-based industry.

You should also choose a company that will work with your budget and needs. We know that every project is unique, and we treat it as such. Whether you are automating a condo or a compound, we are here to deliver exactly what you need, including advanced wireless controls for various devices.

Finally, you should look for a company that offers the technology you want. We offer some of the industry-leading tech so you can customize your home to meet your needs, from automated blinds to sophisticated lighting systems. Our goal is to provide seamless integration and control, enhancing your living experience in every aspect.

What are the Best Austin Home Automation Suppliers?

At Total Home Technologies, we are proud to offer systems from our best-in-class home automation partners for smart homes. These technologies are some of the most advanced systems available on the market today, allowing you to build the smart home system of your dreams with a range of devices. Offering technology from multiple partners allows us to create the perfect system to meet your needs and match your home. These partners, known for their excellence in services, include LUTRON, Crestron Electronics, Control4, Savant, and Wisdom Audio Genelec. Our offerings span various aspects of home automation, including sophisticated lighting and blinds control systems, ensuring your home is not only smart but also seamlessly integrated and user-friendly.

Home Automation from Crestron Electronics

Crestron Electronics provides a whole range of commercial and residential home automation solutions. Although their website primarily touts the benefits of their smart office automation solutions, they also provide a full range of home automation technologies, marking their prominence in the automation market.

The Crestron Home® OS 4 integrates everything in your home on one intuitive platform – easily available right from your phone. This smart home app includes “quick actions” that will allow you to make multiple changes to your home’s status when certain triggers occur such as arriving home or leaving. It encompasses control over various devices, including lighting, blinds, and home theater systems, ensuring a comprehensive smart home experience. By collaborating with smart home companies in Austin, Crestron ensures your home automation system is up to date with the latest technology.

Creston Home offers solutions for lighting, shades, thermostats, home access, audio, video, pool and spa, health and wellness and more! The company has been in business since 1972 and has received multiple awards for design, whole-home control, and cutting-edge technology in home automation systems. Top Consumer Reviews gives Crestron 5/5 stars for this top-of-the-line technology system. 

Home Automation From Savant

Savant takes smart home technology by pairing it with the next big thing in automation – power management. Savant Power, a standout among home automation companies, pairs with Savant Home to ensure you are always connected and ready for anything.

Savant Power is touted as the ultimate energy management solution. This system, an Austin smart home company tech leader, was designed to bring you smart energy management within the broader automation market. Savant Power allows you to monitor power consumption and trends, manage energy from solar, battery, or generator backups, and offer circuit control. The company offers Savant Power Storage, which provides backup storage to support partial or your whole home. They also offer smart charging so you can manage the charging for your electric vehicle – all from your smart home.

Savant Home offers solutions for smart lighting, climate control, motorized shades, home audio and video, door entry and security, and more! The Savant system controllers, with their sleek and modern design, integrate seamlessly into your home, providing unparalleled control over various devices. You never have to worry about them clashing with your beautiful interiors and exteriors.

You can use the Savant Power and Savant Home systems in a wide range of homes – it’s scalable for medium to large homes. TopTenReviews rates Savant a 4.5 stars out of 5, praising it’s ease of use and stylish design.

Total Home Technologies is Your Trusted Austin Home Automation Company

We work hard to earn your trust so you can feel confident in the results you will see. If you want to learn more, please give us a call today or submit an inquiry form online for a no-obligation conversation about your project. Our projects are custom and unique to you and your automation needs; let us know how we can help. As one of the area’s leading Austin home automation companies, we specialize in integrating various devices for a comprehensive smart home experience. By collaborating with innovative smart home companies, we stay ahead in the ever-evolving automation market. Whether it’s advanced lighting control systems or other smart technologies, our goal is to provide you with seamless control and enhanced convenience.