A home automation system gives you the ability to control many different devices in your home from a simple interface anywhere you have an internet connection or cell service. In the industry, the definition encompasses any system where a central brain interacts with other devices in your home to control them remotely.

Until the last several years, automated control like this was only available in larger commercial buildings or very expensive homes. At the time, automation systems focused primarily on lighting, heating and cooling and some surveillance/security. It was more of a cost control feature or building and property management rather than convenience.

Now, with modular home automation systems like Control4, available from Total Home Technologies; home automation has been brought to the mainstream with more affordable systems and more capabilities. Control4 based systems can now control everything from the garage doors to the thermostat in your home. No longer is it limited to lighting and climate control, the number of smart devices available designed to integrate into these systems covers a wide gamut of home features.

We take a look at our three top smart devices that you should integrate with your Control4 home automation system. First though, in order to appreciate and understand how these three devices will enhance your home automation system; we have to briefly delve into why Control4 is the best choice for your home.

Control4: The Reason It Dominates

While there are many home automation system brands on the market, none have taken the market by storm like Control4 and for good reason. Control4 is a modular based system, making it easier for professionals like Total Home Technologies to install and integrate with your smart devices. That’s just the tip of the iceberg though.


Nothing is worse than having a home automation system installed and then finding out you can’t add something to it later. With several hundred hardware vendors they partner with, Control4 makes it easy to customize a system that is tailored to your needs. Some of the most well-known consumer electronic brands such as Apple and Harmon Kardon are certified Control4 partners.

Ease of Control

As with most home automation systems, an intuitive user interface is the key to success. Just like its competitors, Control4 allows you to use your smartphone as a remote for your system. What separates Control4 from much of the competition is the synergy of the mobile app and the touchscreen controllers of the systems. The user interface is exactly the same, so there is no learning two different layouts like many other systems. Seamless integration with mobile devices is one of the many strong points of the Control4 design.

Security System Integration

Let’s face it, crime is at an all-time high and the flourishing home security industry is a key indicator of the numbers. Control4 is widely compatible with many security system brands; over two dozen to be exact. While home automation systems do not provide security monitoring, Control4 can still be integrated with services that allow you to view the camera feeds remotely. In addition, they offer a very unique feature called Mockupancy, which controls your lighting, TV, and more in a random fashion while away; to give the appearance you are home.

While these are just three of the major reasons other than affordability, that Control4 dominates the home automation market; they all come together to offer unrivaled integration with smart devices available for your home.

The Top Three Smart Devices To Add To Your Control4 System

You’ve made it this far, so here is the information you have waited for. Control4 systems work brilliantly with so many smart devices for your home that it may be hard to choose which to purchase or upgrade existing devices to smart ones. Total Home Technologies builds out dozens of these systems across the state every month and can give you the definitive top three you should choose.

Smart Thermostat

One clear advantage of Control4 systems is the return on investment potential from energy savings. Most traditional thermostats are technically “smart” to some degree, in that that they control your temperature according to a threshold you program in. A smart thermostat goes further and predicts the setting needed even when you may forget to change it. For example, in Texas you can wake up to 40° and overcast at 5am, and by 3pm it’s 78° and sunny. A smart thermostat has access to the internet and can use data such as weather forecasts, to program ahead to minimize system use in accordance with expected weather changes.

With integration into your Control4 system you can control your HVAC simply by using the Control4 mobile app and make adjustments from anywhere. Many consumers have routine schedules but for some of us, that just doesn’t work. That’s where the flexibility aspect of a Control4 integrated thermostat really shines. You can alter any set programs on the thermostat from your office or on the road, unexpected changes in schedules can be accommodated for with just a tap on your smartphone.

Smart Lighting

There’s a reason that energy savings tend to be the biggest advantage to a Control4 automation system. The level of detail that can be added to the programming of electronics and how they are used has impacted many users’ energy bills in a positive way. With the Control4 system, specific smart lights can be automatically powered on or off or dimmed at any specific set time. Zones can be created with motion sensors that turn on lights only when entering or occupying a room as well. The possibilities are endless and the savings are huge. Combine the fact that most smart lighting components exclusively use LED lighting and you have a money-saving combination.

Smart Locks

How many times have you left the house on a road-trip and gotten about an hour away, only to have to turn back because you fear the doors were not locked? It happens more often than we’d like to admit, and usually the kicker is; they were locked the whole time. With a Control4 integrated smart lock your door can be locked or unlocked automatically from your mobile app, anywhere you have an internet connection. Furthermore, some locks have the ability to be set to automatically lock or unlock according to rules you program in.  Also, you can give a temporary or permanent code to people that only work on certain days/ times or expire after a set time. Perfect for rental properties.

Get Your Life Automated Today

Total Home Technologies can get your home automated with devices like these and many more. When you have us design a Control4 based system, it will simplify your life, save on energy costs and give you power over your home’s functions at your fingertips. Contact us today to get an evaluation!